We are an independent agency with over thirty years of international experience. We create branding, communication and memorable experiences for global brands and retailers.


Brand Strategy

At Character we build all our creative development on a solid strategic foundation. Without a well-defined core brand strategy, even clever communications risk becoming a hit-or-miss expense. At Character we evaluate our work not just on how good it looks or how innovative it is, but on how effectively it solves our client’s strategic and business challenges.

To gain the insights that underpin a sound strategic framework, we work first to fully understand our client’s brand and all its attributes. Realizing that no one knows their brand better than the client, we work together with the client to articulate their brand vision, as well as their brand values, culture and personality. We then look at their business in the context of its competitive landscape. We analyze relevant market trends, and we define audience requirements and patterns of behavior. If necessary, we supplement existing audience research by conducting our own focus groups and other ethnographic studies.[/one_third]


Brand Identity

Whether we’re crafting a new identity, or evolving an existing one, our approach to brand identity development is guided by the same analytic process and principles. Executing in accordance with the approved strategy, our team of writers and designers work together to develop an identity that encapsulates our client’s brand, differentiates them from their competition, and makes a lasting impression on their audience.

Our creative exploration process is rigorous. We consider all elements of the brand identity system, including logo development, typography, color palettes, iconography, photography and messaging. The systems we create are dynamic, designed to evolve with the business, service or product they represent. They are as emotional as they are visual. And they take form across the entire range of communications, from business systems to websites.[/one_third]

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Brand Experience

With the graphical building blocks established, we begin to bring our client’s brand to life by combining powerful visuals and effective messaging to create consistent and lasting branded experiences.

Today people interact with brands in more ways than ever before. To create truly holistic brand experiences, we execute across multiple channels, in both on- and offline media. From retail and event applications, to packaging systems and integrated digital experiences, we tell compelling brand stories that communicate a clear message to a targeted audience.

We take enormous pride in our work, partnering with best-in-class print, production and media teams to ensure that the work exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impressing with consumers.

Text and image source: Character.[/one_third]

We Have Been Creating Projects for Such Brands

Within a few years of our studio’s activity, we have had the opportunity to work for a number of Polish and foreign companies. Here are a few of selected brands, we had the honor to produce for: